Our lab focuses on natural product-based drug discovery of novel antibacterial and anticancer agents with clinical needs. It involves computer aided drug design (CADD), total synthesis, structure activity relationships (SAR) studies, drug delivery and chemical biology.

1. Total Synthesis and SAR Studies

Total Synthesis and SAR Studies20181212

2. Rational Drug Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation

Rational Drug Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluations20181212
3. Drug Delivery

We take advantage of the biological characteristics of target cells to synthesize new materials and construct efficient drug delivery systems to facilitate drug transportation so that greater efficacy and better safety of drugs could be achieved.

Drug Delivery1

4. Chemical Biology

We employ the modern technologies, such as click chemistry, photoaffinity labeling, affinity chromatography, proteomics etc., to discover new drug targets and uncover biological mechanism, in support of drug discovery and development